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Why participate in our School Program


Raise Funds

We know that making money is the only reason you want to participate in our school program. Your school will earn 40% of each deal purchase that is selected to support your school. The typical deal purchase price is $2-$3. So .80 cents to $1.20 will be the typical amount you will earn from each purchased deal.

No Work

Raise funds all year long with no effort. We handle everything from procuring the deals to giving you a platform to track your earnings. All you need to do is let parents know you are using us to raise funds and ask them to sign up to receive our deal email so we can pass on exclusive savings to them and we will handle the rest.

No Selling or Inventory

Rest assured that parents, students and teachers do not have to sell or inventory anything. Gone are the days of countless hours spent selling and managing inventory. Plus, with our solution your school supporters will save some serious money at some really great local businesses. 

Support Local Business

With our local business approach you will be helping to support some of the best local businesses right in your city. By keeping it local it's a winning deal for everyone.

Easy to Track & No Cost

We provide your school with an online account to view your earnings and track how much money your school has made. We pay out your earnings once a quarter and there is never any cost involved.