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School Program FAQ's

Are there any cost involved for the school?
No, there are no cost for the school to join or participate in our program. The intent of our program is to give you an easy way to raise funds for your school.

How long does it take to get our school set up?
Usually we can set your school up in 24-48 hours.

What is the best way to contact Go Local Deals?
Please go to the contact us section on our website and submit the form or call us at 916.380.3269.

How often do we get paid?
We pay our school partners every quarter so you will be paid 4 times a year by check.

How do we keep track of the funds we raised?
We provide a login section where you can see your funds in real time as well as your payment information so you will always know exactly where you stand on the funds you earned and getting paid.